Tokenization as a service

You plan to tokenize an asset? honesto is your ideal one-stop-shop solution partner. We accompany you from the STO idea to its realization. By the way, we know exactly what we are talking about: we have done it for ourselves as well.

  • honesto ResearchWe evaluate your STO idea, and show you how to best plan and realize it
  • honesto Regulatory AdviceWe design and write your prospectus and your smart contract
  • honesto Sales SupportWe help you promoting and marketing your tokens to investors
  • honesto ComplianceWe handle the legally required background checks of your clients/investors to ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) acts
  • honesto Exchange OnboardingWe onboard you and your clients to the exchanges of your choice to make your STO tradeable
  • honesto Exit supportWe manage your exit from an exchange and help you generate your return

honesto Investor Services: Informed investments in STOs


You are an investor and looking for opportunities to participate in promising STOs? Thanks to our international network and connections within the STO community, we can identify the most promising STO investment offerings for you.

Our honesto Research and Analysis team is constantly scanning the market and generating the relevant data and knowledge to understand what is happening on the crypto and STO scene. We can bring you up to speed immediately and provide you with tailored insights for you to form a fact-based opinion. We can also support you with specific research and analytics services, conduct surveys or generate market studies.


free consultation.

You need support with your Tokenization or want to learn more about STO investment opportunites? Let us know, so we can get in touch with you!